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360 Leadership Assessments That Are Ready To Use Today

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360 Leadership Assessments That Are Ready To Use Today

Our Launch 360 Leadership Assessment tool measures 6 key leadership competencies

Executive Presence

Ability to command attention, inspire trust, project confidence and create influence, while projecting a sense of gravitas and authority.


The ability to inspire, guide, and influence individuals or teams towards a common vision and goals, while promoting innovation, driving change, and achieving sustainable success.

Staff Management

The process of overseeing and coordinating employees’ activities, responsibilities, and development within an organization to optimize their performance and achieve organizational objectives.

Relationship Management

The practice of building and maintaining positive and mutually beneficial connections with individuals, stakeholders, or organizations to foster collaboration, trust, and achieve common goals.

Social Awareness

The ability to discern the appropriate moments to speak and listen, demonstrating sensitivity and respect for others' perspectives and feelings.


The ability to articulate thoughts with precision, tailor the message to suit the intended recipients, and convey information, ideas, and messages clearly, concisely, and effectively.

Some Reasons

Why Launch 360 ?

01 No Software Installation

Our tool is cloud-based. This eliminates the need to install any system platform, avoiding complexity and offering a simple self-administered approach.

02 Customization

The Launch 360 Leadership Assessment tool has been developed to enable rapid deployment today. However, we also offer the ability to customize a section with specific questions to suit your organizational needs.

03 Confidentiality

The process is 100% confidential, ensuring anonymity and promoting honest and open feedback.

04 Easy to Read Report

No confusing reporting metrics. The report is designed to deliver easy to understand feedback with actionable feedback.

05 No Consultant Fee’s

Created to be used with small to mid-size companies, our assessment is affordable and does not require hiring an outside consultant or having a special certification. Simply purchase and the tool will walk you through the quick steps to launch your first survey. 

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360 Leadership Assessments

What is a 360 Leadership Assessment?

Increasingly being used by businesses as a tool to develop their leaders, it provides a comprehensive and balanced view of the leader’s performance, as opposed to a single viewpoint from a manager. The feedback collected from the 360 assessment can be used to create individualized development plans for the leader, and can also inform broader organizational development initiatives. By collecting feedback from multiple sources, leaders can gain a comprehensive understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies to improve their skills and behaviors.

How Does Launch 360 Work?

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