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Discover the power of a 360° Leadership Assessment. Collect feedback from supervisors, peers, subordinates, and even external stakeholders such as customers or clients and compare these ratings against a self-assessment. Enable your leaders to gain invaluable insights, identify blind spots, and develop a roadmap for personal and professional growth.

Our Leadership Assessments

The Assessment

The Launch 360 Leadership Assessment Tool changes the way organizations can administer and use a 360 coaching tool. It is designed to work with any size organization looking for the ability to immediately use a tool to help support leaders. The Launch 360 Leadership Assessment survey eliminates the need to install any system platform, avoids complexity & offers a simple self-administered approach.

Our Leadership Assessment

The Process

Buy Now and the site will walk you through the purchasing process. Your company administrator invites the target employee, their managers, direct reports, peers, and others to provide anonymous ratings & comments related to their leadership skills. Anyone invited can participate (simply input their email address).

Participants spend approximately 15 minutes to numerically rate the 6 leadership characteristics measured by the 360 leadership feedback assessment. Written comments related to the participant’s strengths and weaknesses are also asked for within each category. Once the Participants have submitted their survey responses, a comprehensive, easy to read report is then generated by Launch 360 and delivered to the administrators portal.

Remember, all feedback is anonymous. While the administrator can see who participated, all answers are aggregated and confidential.

The Report

Our dynamic report covers 6 key leadership areas:

Executive Presence

Ability to command attention, inspire trust, project confidence and create influence, while projecting a sense of gravitas and authority.


The ability to inspire, guide, and influence individuals or teams towards a common vision and goals, while promoting innovation, driving change, and achieving sustainable success.

Staff Management​

The process of overseeing and coordinating employees’ activities, responsibilities, and development within an organization to optimize their performance and achieve organizational objectives.

Relationship Management

The practice of building and maintaining positive and mutually beneficial connections with individuals, stakeholders, or organizations to foster collaboration, trust, and achieve common goals.

Social Awareness

The ability to discern the appropriate moments to speak and listen, demonstrating sensitivity and respect for others' perspectives and feelings.


The ability to articulate thoughts with precision, tailor the message to suit the intended recipients, and convey information, ideas, and messages clearly, concisely, and effectively.

The report strives to present the data in two important ways:

First, the report details how the individual perceives themselves in each of the 6 leadership areas, in comparison to how others perceive them. This highlights differentials in each category, allowing the individual to better understand how they “show up” to others in their organization.

Second, the report breaks down 6 key leadership areas to emphasize where an individual is strongest, and where they need to focus more attention for development.


The Launch 360 Leadership Assessment survey has been developed to enable rapid deployment today.

However we offer the ability to add in 1 customized section to our standard assessment. This section can have up to 5 rate-able questions (on a scale of 1-10) and 1 open-ended text box question. This customization gives you the ability to ask questions specific to your organizational needs.

Contact us for more information on customization or
Purchase a Customized Survey Here and use the form to submit your questions directly to us for customization.

Some Reasons You May Consider Customization:


Our Leadership Assessments

“A 360 feedback assessment provides business leaders with a comprehensive understanding fo their strengths and areas for development, allowingthem to make more informed decisions and increase their effectiveness as leaders.” – Nicole Nadeau, CEO Launch 360

Research suggests that 360 feedback assessments can be an effective tool for improving leadership effectiveness. A study published in the journal of Business and Psychology found that leaders who received feedback through a 360 assessment demonstrated significant improvement in their leadership skills, including communication, delegation, and conflict management. Additionally, a meta-analysis of 360 feedback research published in Consulting Psychology journal found that leaders who received feedback through a 360 assessment were more likely to make improvements in their leadership behaviours compared to those who did not receive feedback. These findings suggest that 360 feedback assessments can be a valuable tool for business leaders who are looking to improve their leadership effectiveness.