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PRESS RELEASE: The New Approach of Launch 360 Leadership Assessments

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Launch 360, a trailblazing provider of leadership assessment
solutions, is transforming the leadership development landscape with its
revolutionary Launch 360 Leadership Assessments. With a unique approach that
sets it apart from competitors, Launch 360 is disrupting the traditional
methods and introducing a new level of efficiency and simplicity to the

Unlike its competitors, Launch 360 eliminates the need for
consultant fees, making it an accessible and cost-effective option for
organizations of all sizes. By removing the requirement for expensive
consultants, Launch 360 empowers companies to assess their leadership
capabilities without incurring additional financial burdens. This cost savings
allows organizations to allocate resources towards other critical areas of
their development initiatives.

In addition, Launch 360 does not require the installation of
any software tool. This removes the hassle and time-consuming process of
implementing and integrating new software into existing systems. Launch 360’s
streamlined approach ensures a seamless user experience, enabling organizations
to focus on the assessment process itself rather than grappling with technical

Launch 360 also stands out from its competitors by providing
straightforward and easy-to-understand reporting metrics. The assessment
reports generated by Launch 360 present data in a clear and concise manner,
avoiding confusing jargon and overwhelming metrics. This simplicity allows
leaders to grasp the insights quickly and make informed decisions about their
development journey without getting lost in complex reporting structures.

 Furthermore, Launch 360 offers the advantage of a standard
assessment that is readily available immediately. This eliminates any waiting
time for customization or tailoring to specific organizational needs. The
standard assessment is designed to provide valuable insights into leadership
capabilities promptly, allowing organizations to make informed decisions and
take action swiftly.

While Launch 360 offers a ready-to-use Standard assessment,
the platform also provides the flexibility of customization. This customization
option allows organizations to assess leaders engaged in special projects or
initiatives, measure specific skills related to their organization’s tools or
processes, evaluate leaders based on specific feedback received, or measure
against specific competencies identified by the organization.

 “We are proud to disrupt the leadership assessment
industry with our innovative approach, “says Nicole Nadeau, CEO of Launch
360. “By removing consultant fees, software installation, and confusing
reporting metrics, we provide a seamless and efficient assessment experience
that delivers actionable insights for leadership development.”

Launch 360’s commitment to simplicity, accessibility, and
immediate availability has garnered the attention of organizations across
industries. From small startups to global corporations, companies are embracing
the unique advantages of Launch 360’s assessments and experiencing significant
improvements in their leadership development strategies.

To learn more about Launch 360 and its industry-disrupting
leadership assessment solutions, visit their website at

About Launch 360

Launch 360 is a pioneering provider of leadership assessment
solutions. With its commitment to simplicity and accessibility, Launch 360
empowers organizations to assess their leadership capabilities efficiently and
effectively. By eliminating consultant fees, software installation, and
confusing reporting metrics, Launch 360 revolutionizes the leadership
assessment industry and enables organizations to drive impactful leadership
development initiatives.